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We are so happy to have opened our doors to you all once again!

We would like to reassure you that we will be working strictly to the government requirements during level 2.  

Firstly we do ask that if you have any flu / cold like symptoms at all please re-schedule your appointment so we can keep our wonderful team and clients safe. Call us on 03 384 6249.

Yazu’s styling bay chairs are already over 1 meter apart and we have spaced out our chairs in the waiting area to at least 1 meter apart also.  We will be offering all of our clients the option to wait in the salon, sit outside with a lovely blanket or wait in your car and we will txt you when we are ready for you. 

We will be offering teas & coffee’s as we have a dishwasher so everything will be thoroughly washed for each client.

Our towels as usual will be single use and all capes will be single use only so each client will have cleanly washed capes & towels.

We are asking everyone to sanatise their hands upon arrival and will also have sanatiser available on each styling bay along with tissues.  Your Yazu Team will also be steralising their hands in-between touching any clients.

All surfaces will be steralised thoroughly after each client along with scissors, combs, brushes and any product bottles used by your stylist on your hair. 

We are asking clients to pay via eftpos as cash can harbor germs for some time! We will be sanatising the eftpos machine after each use ready for the next person.

Our staff will be asking if you would like them to wear a mask, If you like to wear a mask yourself, bring your own personal one with you or we do have some on hand in the salon along with gloves if you would like to wear them also. 

Yazu is required to have a log of each person that enters the salon, we are lucky as most of this information is in our booking system, however, as we have been asked to also submit an address if necessary we will be getting updated information off clients while you are in the salon so our log is fully up to date.

We are incredibly excited to welcome all of our clients back through the doors and can’t wait to start seeing you all again.


Q: Are you allowed to have more than 10 people in the salon?

A: Yes, we are allowed to house more than 10 people, as long as they are seated appropriately and not in the same social circle.


Q: Is it safe for my stylist to go from one client to another when we return to the salon?

A: It is safe, all stylists will be washing and sanitising their hands, gloves, equipment & tools used between all clients before they move on to another client.


Q: Am I allowed to bring my children or another family member with me?

A: We are asking that only clients with appointments come into the salon.  If this is not possible we are asking that they either wait in the car or out in the courtyard area, we have blankets available.  You can also call the salon on 03 3846249 & we can discuss the situation with you.


Q: Do clients need to wear masks while in the salon?

A: If you have a mask bring one with you. Our stylists will be asking if you would like them to wear masks and we will have some on hand along with hand sanatiser & gloves if you wish.