Monthly Specials

JUNE 2018




JUNE ONLY - $20.00 per service 



Our clients at Yazu have noticed a difference in their colour since the introduction of chlorine in the Christchurch water.  

Studies have shown that chlorine will make a difference as it removes natural oils covering hair resulting in loss of hair shine and flexibility. Weakens chemical bonds between fibres forming hair shafts and also Chlorine can get between the hair fibres.  As the crystallisation process develops inside the hair, the chlorine crystals can separate the hair fibres disrupting structural integrity of the hair shaft.  Once the bonds are broken, the hair becomes weak and ends of the hairs split.  Chlorine salt crystallisation process may also affect the hair cuticle.  The cuticle is an outer layer of very hard, dead cells over the hair surface.  If the chlorine gets between the scales it could push up the scales; therefore, making it rough and prone to damage or breakage.  These flaked cuticles reflect light poorly and so the hair fibre looks dull, dry and may feel rough when touched.

With the decision being made to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, this will help; however, the chlorine is likely to make a difference in your colour compared to before the chlorine was introduced.

Our recommendation to help with the issue would be to get "SMARTBOND" put in your colour.  It is designed to target weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and limit stress to keep the bond intact.  It reconstructs the weak ion bonds to reverse the feel and damaged hair as well as improve the overall finish of your hair colour as this will take more evenly and the colour will last longer.  SMARTBOND will maintain a good condition but it will also strengthen the hair for a longer lasting colour.

This is certainly not the solution to this issue; however, we believe it will help.  For the month of June we would like to offer a discounted price of $20 per service for Smartbond instead of our usual $25.00 per service so you can experience the difference and see what Smarbond can do for you.















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